Preparing Pennsylvania for Our Future!

Christina "PK" DiGiulio for Pennsylvania Governor

Michael Bagdes-Canning for Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor

Richard L. Weiss, Esq. for US Senate

Queonia "Zarah" Livingston and Jay Ting Walker for State Representative

The Green Party presents an alternative to the two-party system that governs based on the the will of a few while ignoring the needs of the many.  We will advance the restructuring of our social, political and economic institutions away from a system which is controlled by and mostly benefits a powerful few.  We will create a government that is democratic and represents the many people of the Commonwealth.



  Prepare the State for a Green New Deal  

- No More Dirty Industry Hand Outs

- Ban Fracking Statewide

- Sustainable and Ecologically Responsible Jobs

- A Just Transition For Workers and Families, including Medicare for All as part of an Economic Bill of Rights


  End Corruption in Harrisburg

- Pass a "Gift Ban" Prevent Legislators from taking Lobbyist Cash

- Ranked Choice Voting, Proportional Representation with multi-member districts for legislative offices, Equitable Ballot Access


  Criminal justice system reform   

- End Cash Bail

- Reduce Incarceration and Recidivism

- Cannabis Legalization, Decriminalization, Medical Use, and Pardoning Past Cannabis Convictions


  Restructure our outdated tax code   

- An Equitable Tax Code

- Close Corporate Tax Evasion Loopholes


Our candidates bring with them the years of work done by citizen activists and organizers who advocate for Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, Grassroots Democracy, and Peace as leading values of just societies. Together they will work to widen the conversation about how to bring Pennsylvania forward into a sustainable and equitable future.