Your contribution will be made to the Green Party of Pennsylvania and used to support our slate of state-wide candidates during the 2022 election.  Our success in bringing progressive policies forward depends on folks like you.  We do not take money from corporations.

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Amy L. Sacks
Darnell Barnett
Scott Slotterbeck
Haryaksha Knauer
T Lyle Ferderber
Vincent Lloyd
Joe Ferraro
Rick Denzien
Matthew Nemeth
Beverly A Rolfsmeyer
David Schwab
Patricia Panitz
Michael Turner
Michael Turner
Christine Niskanen
Richard Moser
Ian Morrison
Michael Leffler
Angus MacGillivray
George Gehringer
James Harvey
Steven Martinez
Kate Jensen
Lane Kintigh
Frank Polites
Gregory Evans
Robert Rhoades
Eric LaBouff