PA House Races

Greens are people from your community, not career politicians.  Many are activists who run to bring attention to specific issues that affect you.  They all share a commitment to the Green Party's 10 Key Values.  If we want a government of the people, for the people, by the people, then we need our community members to step up.

If you are ready to step up, either by running as a candidate or supporting a candidate that will, find out details of how to get involved by contacting our GreenWave Team.

Several people are taking action this year and are advancing Green policies in Legislative races.  As we grow our down ballot Legislative slate in 2022 we will share more details about our local candidates below.

Zarah Livingston - State Representative, 32nd District

Zarah Livingston is a healthcare worker and passionate community organizer who has been heavily involved in the fight for police accountability as one of the leaders of NoCopMoneyPA, an organization dedicated to electing officials who will fight for racial justice and the abolition of the police state. She has also been a strong advocate for environmental justice issues, such as banning fracking, supporting solar and wind energy technologies and infrastructure, and a just transition to ensure that no workers are left behind. She also champions policies to end the war on drugs by decriminalizing cannabis and magic mushrooms, as well as legalizing and funding safe injection sites as part of a plan to treat addiction as a medial issue rather than a criminal one. Other areas Zarah is passionate about are raising the minimum wage to $20 an hour, fighting gun violence, expanding mental health services, and more.

Click here to see Zarah's campaign website. Follow Zarah on Twitter!

Zarah has also been endorsed by Sunrise Pittsburgh!


Jay Ting Walker - State Representative, 23rd District

Jay Walker and is running as a Green Party candidate in November 2022 to be District 23’s next state representative. His top goal in office is to end gerrymandering in Pennsylvania. Jay's background is in transit and environmental advocacy and he would take on those fights head-on in Harrisburg. Jay is looking to create a new model of civic engagement where everyone’s voice is heard and not just those who can attend meetings, make big donations, or have the right friends.

Jay is the son of an immigrant single mother. Like so many other single parent households, his was a working poor family. Jay was always the kid who loved reading and asked tons of question. His politics developed in college with exposure to environmental activism and Democracy Now. Jay has been a strong believer in racial justice from an early age due to amazing public school teachers and from his own personal background. This combination of a working class perspective, exposure to progressive values, and a strong sense of racial justice have led to who he is today.

He (like many others) got a major civic engagement wake up call after the November 2016 election. Having been involved with environmental and transit activism groups, Jay heard the lamentations that elected representatives don’t listen. It feels like nothing ever changes. This became readily apparent when Jay learned about gerrymandering from Fair Districts PA. He decided that instead of having our words fall on deaf ears, he would step up and drive the change he believed in.  Link to Jay's website.