Lt. Governor

Christina DiGiulioMichael Bagdes-Canning is, first and foremost, husband (Karen, 44 years), father, and grandfather. He is a retired teacher; he spent 36 in the classroom. He was President, Vice President, and building representative of his union local. He has held elective office since 1989, serving on the Cherry Valley Borough Council. He currently serves as Mayor of Cherry Valley Borough. For the past 10 years, he has been involved as a frontline organizer in the climate and anti-fracking fight. He serves on the Planning Group of Marcellus Outreach Butler (a local anti-fracking group) and the Better Path Coalition (he is one of the founders). He has also served on the Coordinating Committee of the PA Poor People’s Campaign (statewide) and a direct action campaigner with Beyond Extreme Energy (national). Michael ran for state representative in 2020, receiving over 20% of the vote with a grassroots, insurgent campaign, and is looking to build out the Green movement even more.


Interviews, Op-Eds, and News

"The Problem With Normal Is It Only Gets Worse" Tour -- see video journals from Michael on various days of the tour: | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Discussion with Frank Fortino | Discussion with Kearni Warren | Discussion with Echo | Post Tour Thought on Ending Houselessness with Eminent Domain

C-NET Candidate Interview with Michael Bagdes-Canning, General Election 2022, 17 October 2022. Click here to see the full video.

Green Party candidate stops in State College as part of the "The Problem With Normal Is It Only Gets Worse" Tour, WTAJ, 17 October 2022. Click here for article and video clip.

Questions and answers as part of Meet the Candidates Voter Education series, Pittsburgh VEEEM, 8 October 2022. Click here to see the full event video.

Included in Voters Guide to Lieutenant Governor, WESA, 3 October 2022. Click link for article.

Interview with Committee of Seventy, 28 September 2022. Click link for interview video.

Interview on Inagaddadavida (KRDP Community Radio), Episode 145, 24 August 2022. Click link for interview.

"Environmental Activists Acquitted In Case Protesting Political Corruption". A first-hand account by Bagdes-Canning of the trials for arrested activists from June. 11 August 2022. Click here for article.

"Environmental Activists Protest Senator Over Fossil Fuel Corruption". A first hand account by Bagdes-Canning of an action at Senator Yaws' office in Harrisburg on 13 June 2022. Popular Resistance, 16 June 2022. Click link for article.

Interview on the Andrew Miller Show, 9 May 2022. Michael talks about his history as an activist, his experience in elected office in Cherry Borough, and why he joined the Green Party. Click link for podcast audio.

"Green Party candidates are seeking spots on the ballot for governor, lieutenant governor, and U.S. Senator", City And State Pennsylvania, 9 May 2022. Click here for article.

"Only the Green Party climate plan rises to the emergency", Pike County Courier, 25 Apr 2022. Click link for op-ed.

"This Unjust System Cannot Survive the Storm", 23 April 2022. Click link for article.

"End the War on Drugs" says Green Party Candidate for Lt. Governor. Click link for media release.

Michael Bagdes-Canning announces intent to run for Pennsylvania lieutenant governor and seek the Green Party nomination.  Click link for media release..