Petitioner Resources

View the short video (about 5 minutes) below for information on how to correctly gather signatures on a ballot petition! If you don't see the video embedded below, click on this link to go to the video on YouTube.

You can also download copies of instructions and fliers to give to voters, if you'd like to print these out yourself. But also contact us if you'd like some copies mailed to you!

URGENT: If you were mailed a petition, check that the candidates are listed on the form before you start gathering signatures. Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and US Senator should appear in the boxes under Section B. CANDIDATE INFORMATION, just like in the photo below. A printing error seems to have caused a small number of petitions to be mailed out with a blank candidate information, we apologize for this. If you have one of these "blank petitions", you can hand write the candidate information in the boxes exactly like the photo below, or contact [email protected] to request a new petition to be mailed to you. Thank you!

If you are ready to return your petition, please ensure it is COMPLETED (including the circulator affidavit Section D on the back bottom of the form; see the video & instructions above for more info) AFTER everyone has signed, then mail it to:

2022 Ballot Access
c/o Garret Wassermann
P.O. Box 85
Coraopolis, PA 15108

Petitions must be RECEIVED by July 28th, 2022, so plan to put your petition in the mail a few days earlier unless you are willing to pay to overnight the forms!

Thank you to all of our petitioners! The Green Party is a grassroots party, everything we do is because of you!